HackerRank Challenges: Diagonal Difference

I love HackerRank, its a web app where you can complete challenges to get better at coding, and i think i’ll start a new series here on the blog covering some of the implementations that i made to some challenges. This one is about the Diagonal Difference, here’s the challenge: Given a square matrix of

What is Recursion

In computer programming, recursion is usually labeled a rather difficult topic (especially for students), but its rather simple. Simple concepts are not necessarily easier to implement, because it depends the extend follows the normal way of thinking. A recursive function is no more than a function that references itself within its own definition, in such

How to get started with Scala on Windows – Part 1

Scala is a statically typed, object-oriented programming language that blends imperative and functional programming styles. Today’s post is aimed at teaching you how to get started with Scala in a Windows system. Install the JDK Download the JDK for Windows from the Oracle website Run the installer Add the bin installer to the PATH environment